Military Grade / Enterprise Application Security

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Affordable Application Security – Military Proven

Used by Fortune 100 companies and cybersecurity firms to harden and secure their code.

For over 20 years, our partner PSC, has been working with Fortune 500’s, the Military and the Federal sector to harden their application. With funding from the military, they developed an application security platform which aggregates the power of over 15 open source code integrity tools along with the industry leading app security tools to provide a single platform for code integrity and vulnerability identification and management.

NSA study found that when using a Single Static analysis tool 75% of the vulnerabilities were missed.  

Code scanners are typically optimized for a certain class of vulnerabilities (lexical, data flow), therefore, it is highly unlikely for a single code analyzer to catch all the security vulnerabilities.

Another recent study, shows that even combining the 3 most powerful app sec tools, that combination was still only able to detected 63% of the vulnerabilities. 

In partnership with the ARMY and NSA, PSG developed a tool that can run over 15 Application Security Code scanners at the same time!

For many years, PSC has leveraged this powerful platform to uncover code vulnerabilities as a managed service to then help companies identify, remediated and harden their code.

Just Released!   Now, their application security platform is available to the general public for use as an in house or online technology.

The PSC Application Security Solution is Enterprise Application Security Made Simple:

Single App Sec. Platform:  A single application security platform to manage all application security tools and data driven by the tools.

Military Grade – Trusted and Proven:  The Army & the NSA spent $7M on developing this technology and the U.S. Marine Corp just bought an enterprise license.

Increase Software Integrity:  Add the analysis of 15 free open source app security tools to your existing App Security tool set to ensure vulnerabilities are not overlooked.

Reduced Costs:  Reduce or eliminate the need for expensive commercial software (i.e. Fortify, Veracode, Checkmarx, etc.) by using the power of multiple open source tools for even better results than a single tool!!

Single Interface for many tools:  No need to learn multiple app sec tools. One single interface, one place to input code, one place to see and analyze the results.

Reduce False Positives by over 95%:  All results aggregated, correlated and analyzed through machine learning to reduce false positives by over 95%

Quick Check Report:  Drop your code in and quickly get a health check on it.

Effectively Set Priorities:  Vulnerabilities are then Categorized, Classified, Severity Rated, Prioritized, and Grouped so they can be better managed.

Plan the Remediation:  The System also estimates the level of effort (man hours) to remediate the findings so you can estimate labor for a remediation project.

Speed up the Remediation:  Finally, the system allows users to directly link to the code to evaluate and annotate it directly without having to hunt for it within another system.

The Military worked with PSC to develop this solution because they know that one security tool can not catch all of the vulnerabilities.  This is endorsed by the by the harshest of critics in the US military and many other Fortune 100 companies.

These Clients trust their security to PSG:

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army provides land-based military operations.

U.S. Marine Corps 

The U.S. Marines provides land,sea and air-based military operations.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

FCA US designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles under the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT brands.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a news network that designs, develops, and sells products and services, along with network infrastructure.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a security company engaged in the research, development, and manufacture of advanced technology systems and products.


Ericsson is a technology company that provides and operates telecommunications networks, television and video systems, and related services.


PSC is providing a free Quick Check Code Analysis which will provide a list of the quality issues and security vulnerabilities along with:

  • Health Gauges for both Quality and Security

Findings will be:

  • Categorized
  • Defined by Error Class
  • Rated by Severity and Priority
  • Diagramed for Severity
  • Grouped by Risk
  • Quantified by Each Error Class

For a FREE Quick Check on your code or to find out more, contact us here:

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