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Hanan Szwarcbord


Micron Technology


VP, Chief Security Officer

Fortune 500 Rank


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Hanan (Schwartzbord) Szwarcbord is a seasoned executive with an impressive track record in the field of security, currently serving as the Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Micron Technology. With his extensive experience and strategic insights, Hanan is recognized as a leader in the industry. Based in San Jose, California, He is involved in hiring initiatives at Micron Technology, underlining his commitment to fostering talent and enhancing organizational capabilities. Hanan's role at Micron Technology is complemented by his engagement with NightDragon as an Advisor. This position allows him to leverage his skills in advisory boards and board advisory services, contributing to the broader strategic vision of the organization. Additionally, he serves as a Venture Advisor at Sheva, and as a Villager at Team8, where he plays a pivotal role in promoting innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. His involvement with Veterati as a Mentor demonstrates his dedication to guiding and nurturing the next generation of professionals. As the Chairman of the security workgroup at the Semiconductor Industry Association since February 2022, Hanan has been instrumental in leading and influencing industry-wide security practices. Hanan's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Ruppin Academic Center, completed between 2007 and 2010. This foundation in economics complements his technical expertise, providing him with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, security, and business.


San Jose



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