CISO Evaluation

Choosing a security leader is critical to your company and requires extreme scrutiny of their relational and technical skills.

Fortify Experts interviews CISO’s every day.

There are a lot of potential security leaders, but it is very difficult so zero in on the one who will best fit your company’s very specific needs.  We have a multi-stage evaluation.

Reputation Evaluation:

First off, Fortify Experts conducts Monthly CISO Round Tables with industry leading CISO’s to understand the current challenges and personalities of these leaders.  This enables us to have great insight on how they process situations, how they lead and what their approach is.

Technical & Skills Evaluation:

Technology is at the core of all cybersecurity but very specific to each company’s needs. We help you define the critical technologies and skills required to successful in your situation. Our evaluation rates each security leader across each of these security domains:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Assessments and Testing
  • Asset Security
  • Communications and Network Security
  • Identity and Assess Management
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

You will be provided with a skills assessment:

Secruity Matrix

Leadership & Behavior Assessment:

In a CISO or Director of Security role, leadership and communication skills are critical.  Fortify Experts evaluates both and we also provide a thorough behavior assessment by using the Birkman Assessment which is the most extensive by far.  In addition, we summarize it with our “Employee Operating Manual” to bring out highlights which maximizes how to get the most out of each leader.


Fortify Experts helps clients define what the critical success factors in hiring their next security leaders, then provide clients with a full professional and thorough evaluation of your CISO candidates to ensure they meet the current industry requirements and are knowledgeable on the latest best practices and technologies.

We provide a recommendation on which candidate/s will be the greatest cultural fit, the best technical fit and have the highest impact on your firm.

Contact us to discuss how we can ensure you are selecting the best security leader for your team:

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