Why should I consider a retained search?

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 When replacing vital leadership many firms do not want to blast to the general public a position is open especially if this position is a replacement position.  Fortify Experts conducts searches with complete confidentiality upon request of the client.


Posting a security leadership position can attract many unwanted inquiries especially after a breach.  From the news media to every security leader “want-a-be”, most firms do not want the attention a security leadership posting will bring to the organization.

Exhaustive Search vs. Skimming:

Retained recruiters are being paid to stick with a search even when it becomes difficult. A contingent is only paid if the search is successful so will move on to other searches when a search becomes difficult.

Top Talent Attraction:

Good security leaders are in high demand. They are bombarded with recruiting emails every day. A retained search will always attract many more of the embedded candidates who are very hard to get their attention.

Professional Process:

Engaging with a reputable retained search firm will streamline the hiring process from position definition, to qualifying, to interviewing and on-boarding, thereby, providing a much more satisfied business leader and a higher quality result.

When Leaders Don’t Have Time to Waste:

Retained search firms are responsible for understanding exactly the characteristics needed for the position, then streamlining the search and qualification process, and only putting the top candidates in front of the hiring managers. The hardest thing about the search should be selecting which of the 3 or 4 candidates to hire because they are all so perfect for the position.

Longer Placement Warranty:

The due diligence of a retained searches results should translate into more long term success, therefore, should also result in a longer-term placement warranty.

Why Should I consider Fortify Experts for a Retained Search?

100% Fill Rate:

Fortify Experts has a 100% success rate at filling every retained search to the satisfaction of every client.

5 Year Placement Guarantee:

With the average CISO’s tenure reported to be less than 18 months (CIO Magazine), Fortify Experts is so confident in our ability to find and attract industry recognized security leaders who will commit to a long term hire, we offer an industry leading 5-year placement guarantee.

Process, Process, Process:

Fortify Experts takes the time to interview the hiring team to develop our own independent candidate profile which is aligned to the teams’ aspirations for this position. We then work closely with the client to define critical success factors and are aligned on the search process. We can own the whole process from initiation to onboarding, or share in that ownership along the way with the client.

Security Subject Matter Expertise:

Our recruiters interview cybersecurity experts every day.  We have specific evaluation criteria for each security domain and know how to identify candidates who try to pass off expertise they don’t have.

Referrals and References:

We have security contacts across the country which leads to more personal referrals for each position and more personal reference checks on candidates who are being presented.

Dedicated Search Executive:

You will be partnered with a highly experienced Search Executive who will own and simplify the hiring the process for you.

Fortify Experts offers a FIVE (5) YEAR PLACEMENT GUARANTEE!

A critical difference with Fortify Experts Retained Search is you will be led through the process by an executive recruiter who understands security and how critical it is to an organizations’ success.

Qualifying Security Leadership is Extremely Unique.  

  • Fortify Experts has a National Network and database of over 5,000 CISO’s & Security Leaders.
  • Through an 8 step refined retained search process, we manage and simplify the search for our clients.
  • We Prequalify Client Searches with a thorough assessment of corporate security needs.
  • We evaluate potential candidates from our extensive security leadership network
  • Fortify Experts confidentially builds a short list of qualified candidates through initial interviews.
  • Utilizing our own security experts, we thoroughly evaluate candidates’ leadership skills plus their security knowledge, vision and strategies.
  • We then evaluate and provide a full technical assessment the match the clients’ goals.  We provide detailed candidate assessments such as:

We listen. We assess. And then we deliver.

Our retained executive search partners are true business and career partners with our clients. We work closely with them to understand their objectives and assist in defining the role and the evaluation criteria. We also listen to all of the dynamics involved in the retained recruiting process, ensuring that everyone—from the client company’s top executives to the head of HR—are on the same page. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure the recruiting process moves efficiently and effectively.

Focused, dedicated service that drives exceptional results

We carefully assess the position and how candidate experiences and skills fit with those elements. Our comprehensive research also evaluates each candidates’ fit within the strategic, financial, political, cultural and operational aspects of the company. We understand the process. We understand the security industry. We proceed in a highly efficient and consultative fashion to find the perfect match between career goals and company’s goals. We understand what it takes to deliver knowledgeable results that will exceed your expectations.

Fortify Executive Retained Search Process

Dedicated Executive Recruiter

Dedicated Executive Recruiter

Job Description Development

Confidential Candidate Assessment


Multiple Security Assessments

Problem Solving

Leadership Skills

Management of Interview Process

Candidate Assessment Summaries

Negotiation of Offers

Onboarding Assistance

30, 90 & 180 Day Post Placement Assessments