Why should I consider a retained search to fill Security Positions?

Why should I consider a retained search?

  • Confidentiality:  When replacing vital leadership many firms do not want to blast to the general public a position is open especially if this position is a replacement position.  Fortify Experts conducts searches with complete confidentiality upon request of the client.
  • Committment:   Security searches are hard.  Contingent recruiters have no “skin” in the game to stick with hard searches.  They only get paid if they make a placement, therefore, they quickly gravitate to the newest and easiest position to fill.  Retained searches require a dedicated commitment to fill the position.
  • Reputation:  Posting a security leadership position can attract many unwanted inquiries especially after a breach.  From the news media to every security leader “want-a-be”, most firms do not want the attention a security leadership posting will bring to the organization. 
  • Exhaustive Search vs. Skimming:  Retained recruiters are being paid to stick with a search even when it becomes difficult.  A contingent is only paid if the search is successful so will move on to other searches when a search becomes difficult.
  • Top Talent Attraction: Good security leaders are in high demand. They are bombarded with recruiting emails every day.  A retained search will always attract many more of the embedded candidates who are very hard to get their attention.
  • Professional Process: Engaging with a reputable retained search firm will streamline the hiring process from position definition, to qualifying, to interviewing and on-boarding, thereby, providing a much more satisfied business leader and a higher quality result.
  • When Leaders Don’t Have Time to Waste:  Retained search firms are responsible for understanding exactly the characteristics needed for the position, then streamlining the search and qualification process,  and only putting the top candidates in front of the hiring managers.  The hardest thing about the search should be selecting which of the 3 or 4 candidates to hire because they are all so perfect for the position.
  • Longer Placement Warranty:  The due diligence of a retained searches results should translate into more long term success, therefore, should also result in a longer-term placement warranty.

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