Cybersecurity Internship Project


The Cybersecurity Internship Project is a free program to match students interested in Cybersecurity career opportunities with those companies who are willing to train and use students to further their cybersecurity programs.

Typical roles within companies will include becoming an analyst involved in security operations, cyber threats, research, compliance, product, marketing, network, big data, and many more areas.

Potential intern candidates can fill out a profile for Employers to evaluate and match with their needs.

Intern Candidates:

To Apply for Internships go Here:
Cybersecurity Internship – Apply Here 


Here is a sample of some of the available Intern candidates:

Intern Candidate List – Partial

To apply to be a part of the Cybersecurity Internship Project, Employers need to contact us with their interest.

Approved Employeers will be given a password protected list with full candidate information.  This program is free but feedback is required as we are trying to perfect the process and effectiveness of the program.