Fortify Experts is at the forefront of creating more diversity in security. Our research showed that the greatest gender and diversity gap was in cybersecurity technical architecture and leadership.

We discovered a formula to create more diversity in cybersecurity as described in this article:  Attracting More Women into Cybersecurity.  One of the key findings was that to create true diversity, you must hire diverse leadership.

As a result of completing several successful  Security Leadership Diversity Searches, it was evident there was a huge gap in this market which needed to be addressed. Therefore in 2020, we created Cybersecurity DIVAS to promote the accomplishments of women in cybersecurity to help give them the recognition for their accomplishments. This helps to normalize their successes so others recognize their value in the industry.  In addition, Cybersecurity DIVAS creates mentoring relationships with analysts and associate level women to help them reach new heights quicker.

Chief Information Security Officer Diversity:

Fortify Experts examined almost 6,000 individual with the CISO title across North America and found that only 13.3% were female. 9.2% were Veterans, 5.1% were Hispanic, 3.5% were Asian and only 2.7% were Black.

Those numbers dropped off at the architect level where only 8.5% were women.  At the analyst level it jumped back up to 23%.  Therefore, more women are moving into the security career path, but it is much slower than other STEM positions such as general IT, Engineering or Life Sciences where women can be 30% to 50% of the workforce.

Internationally, the numbers are even less diverse.  In Europe, only 9% of the leadership roles are women and in Africa it drops to 5.9%.

We have a long way to go but, together Fortify Experts & Cybersecurity DIVAS are here to help find and develop great diverse talent for your teams.

Diversity and Inclusion Training:

Fortify Experts also helps firms build diversity through Diversity and Inclusion training.  Leveraging “Diversity of Thought” behavioral training, we help teams understand the value of creating diverse teams, so they begin to seek out diversity to strengthen their teams.