Employee Operating Manual™

Wouldn’t it be great if employees came with Operating Manuals? 

Some think personality assessments provide that insight – however – those only tell you a person’s outward personality, not what motivates them internally, what will stress them out, or what their passions are.

Personality exams also provide very limited information on how to best lead a person.  It’s like being able to identify the make and the model of a car and maybe even some of its features, but it doesn’t tell you how to drive the car, when to change the oil, or when to rotate the tires.

The Birkman Behavior and Occupational Assessment does.  Based on 70 years of behavior research and over 5,000,000 assessments, the Birkman provides incredible insight on what makes someone tick, how to motivate them, and how to lead them. 

However, the Birkman can be complex and even difficult for the average manager or leader to apply because, it can produce over 100 pages of detailed reports.  In our fast paced world, managers need concise and actionable ways to create higher performing teams.

Fortify Experts’ Employee Operating Manual™ achieves this.  It leverages the Birkman Assessment insights then, provides a concise and actionable one page format that can benefit any manager.

It highlights each employee’s unique traits to enable a manager to know how to better interact and lead them to maximize their potential.  The Fortify Experts’ Employee Operating Manual™ includes:

  • What their external personality type is.
  • What their internal motivators are.
  • What situations will likely stress them.
  • What their hidden attributes are (Where their external personality is different from what they really need to thrive).
  • Coaching opportunities to lead them better.
  • What their passions are so you can better align tasks to help them thrive better.

Take a look at this sample Employee Operating Manual™ designed for a leader.  If this was your manager or business leader:

  • You would know what motivates them.
  • You would know what situations to avoid to reduce conflicts & stress.
  • You would know how to communicate with them better.
  • You would know which tasks or projects they would thrive on.
  • You would be able to create higher job satisfaction and production as a result.

Fortify Experts, provides Employee Operating Manuals for every hire.

Now you can order an Employee Operating Manual™ for each of your team members even if not hired through Fortify Experts!

The Birkman Behavior & Occupational Assessment provides a wealth of insights about individuals and teams.  If ordered directly from Birkman, each assessment cost over $600.00.  We have a much more affordable and impactful solution.

As a certified Birkman partner, Fortify Experts offers client’s deeply discounted Birkman Assessments, plus, you receive the additional benefit of the Employee Operating Manual™ for each assessment.

Contact us today to discuss how you can lead and motivate your team better and create higher performing and more satisfied employees.