Why you want an Embedded Candidate.

Why you want an Embedded Candidate.

Most recruiting firms focus on hiring “Active” or “Passive” candidates.  Fortify Experts focuses on hiring “Embedded Candidates.”  What’s the difference?

First let’s define “Active” and “Passive” candidates.

Active candidates are people who are actively searching for a position.  They post there resumes to Monster, Career Builder, Dice and other job boards.  Most often they are either unemployed or underemployed and searching for a new position or at least for a better position.   These candidates may have been laid off or have not been adequately rewarded or appreciated by current employers for the work they are doing.  More often than not, these are not the people who are driving the strategic direction of the company.  Therefore, we classify them as “C” Players.  They can easily be replaced and are not vital to the success of the firm.  Plus, they are easily recruited and therefore, have a shorter tenure and higher turnover rate.  This group makes up about 10% of the candidate pool.

Passive candidates are generally people who are not actively posting their resumes but have extensive Linkedin profiles and typcially have their profiles set to “Open to new opportunities” so recruiters can identify that they may be interested in hearing about openings.  They are mildly dissatisfied with their position and will often respond to recruiter requests out of curiosity.  Recruiters typically target these candidates thinking these passive candidates are the “A” players but in reality, those are usually the “B” players.  These candidates still have a higher turnover rate because they are still taking recruiters phone calls and responding to interesting job positngs.  Passive candidates makes up about another 10%-15% of the candidate pool.

The true “A” players are not looking for jobs.  They don’t ever apply to job postings because they are satisfied in their positions.  They are creating a high value for their employers and the employers are taking care of them as a result.  These candidates don’t have extensive LinkedIn profiles and many are not even on LinkedIn.  Although many of these “A” players get multiple recruiting requests daily, they normally don’t respond to them.  These are the Embedded Candidates.

Embedded Candidates are extremely difficult to attract.  They won’t respond to contingent recruiters’ calls or emails.  They will only respond to confidential and trusted relationships.  They know they are the “A” Players at their companies and confidentiality is critical for them.  It also requuires ego stroking, nurturing the relationship, and career coaching for them to even consider a role outside of their current company.   Why go to this trouble?  Because studies show these Embedded “A” Players can be 2 to 4 time more productive than “B” or “C” players.

This is Fortify Experts’ specialty.  We get you access to candidates other recruites can’t touch.   Our deep cybersecurity industry involvement gives us instant credibilty to begin the discussion.  Our deep knowledge of our client’s challenges and opportunities allows us to better target specific candidates who can provide a higher strategic value.  Our mutually commited partnerships with our clients allows us complete confidentialtiy and respect that allows “Embedded” candidates to trust our evaluation and opportunity matching process.

So what is an “Embedded Candidate”?   It’s who you want to hire for your next critical position and Fortify Experts can get you access to those “Embedded” Cybersecurity Experts!


Tim Howard is the founder of Fortify Experts (top ranked Cybersecurity Search firm) which helps companies find exceptional cybersecurity talent through executive search, permanent placement and project consultants.  Howard has been leading technology staffing teams for over 15 years and is the founder of three other technology and staffing firms.  He has degrees from Texas A&M University in Industrial Distribution and Marketing.  

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