Free Workforce Security Assessment Tool

Assess and Teach your Employees how to be safer at home.

Helping your remote workers build safe habits at home will benefit your employees and will directly benefit your company.  Our partner, SecurityStudio has a very robust but easy to administer 100% Free Personal Safety Assessment (S2Me.com) that walks anyone through a digital and home safety assessment.

It’s appropriate for the blue collar worker to the executive and only presents the necessary questions to each individual’s situation.    It provides a simple to understand score in 15 minutes.  It helps each individual understand how they can become more secure and protect themselves.

If you sign up by 3.31.2021, you will also receive a FREE license to the S2Team Workforce Assessment Tool for unlimited use for a full year ($2,400 value).

Why you should want to sign up:

  1. Enhance your company’s security program by pushing out FREE S2Me security assessments under a link branded with your company’s logo  (yourcompany.securitystudio.com)
  2. Receive completion status and aggregated results which are anonymized from all employees.
  3. Learn what your Top 10 Employee Vulnerability Risks are.
  4. Better align and target security training based on actual results.
  5. Track employee & organizational awareness over time.

Get S2Team Free for One Year!

Sign up by the end of 2020 and you’ll have free access to one S2Team Administrator license throughout 2021.

Request your Free S2Teams License Here ($2,400.00 Value!):

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