Cyber professionals must have fundamental technical skills to develop a successful cybersecurity career. Protecting systems against the world’s most sophisticated hackers requires expertise  beyond what university programs can provide. Traditionally, cybersecurity has been a secondary career. Most people have come into cybersecurity after they become very good at a previous role and were given the opportunity to move into a role where they could add more value by leveraging that experience in security.

The cybersecurity career path most often starts with these feeder roles. These roles include networking, software development, systems engineering, financial and risk analysis, and security intelligence. Experience in these roles prepares professionals for entry-level cyber roles like cybersecurity specialist/technician,

cyber-crime analyst/investigator, incident analyst/responder, and IT auditor.

Leaders recruiting for cybersecurity roles should pay attention to these feeder roles. Professionals who succeed in these entry-level feeder roles will be better prepared for
learning the more advanced cybersecurity roles.



This is an excerpt from Fortify Experts Cybersecurity Employment Trends Report. To read the report in its entirety, go to the Cybersecurity Employment Trends Report

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