I am Looking to Hire an Expert

If you have an interest in engaging Fortify Experts, call 888.502.2177 or completed an Engagement Request to kick off the process.


 I am Looking to Hire an ExpertHire a Security Leader

Executive CISO Search or Virtual CISO Advisors.  Fortify Experts can quickly get your security strategy up to standard by ensuring the right leaders are identified for your organization.

I am Looking to Hire an ExpertTechnical Recruiting

Looking to hire technical cybersecurity professionals? Fortify Experts matches cybersecurity experts with companies who are expanding their technical security teams.

EI am Looking to Hire an Expertxpert Consulting

Do you need a cybersecurity consulting expert now?  Fortify Experts has an extensive network of cybersecurity experts who can assess, recommend and implement solutions to fortify your digital assets.

ReaI am Looking to Hire an Expertl-time Candidate Search

Fortify Experts offers a real-time look into our candidate database.  All candidates have been prequalified and are interested in a career move.  If you have an interest in a specific candidate Contact Us and provide the candidate ID number or completed an Engagement Request.