It is well publicized that there is a critical shortage of trained cybersecurity talent in the workforce (Over 400,000 jobs with only 50,000 people to fill them).  However the irony is – there is a constant stream of highly trained intelligence personnel coming out of our armed forces who are having a difficult time securing a decent job in the corporate world.

Although we may honor our veterans, are you willing to hire one even though they don’t have exactly the skills in your job description?  I have spoken with many intelligence veterans or soon to be veterans who are frustrated with the lack of opportunity coming out of the military.

I contest that the military is an excellent source of cybersecurity talent as they work with highly secure and encrypted communications, intelligence systems and networks and, top secret data.  When their information is breached, people don’t get credit cards stolen, people die.   In fact, one intelligence analyst told me, “If my analysis of the intelligence and social networking data is wrong, I could cost an innocent man his life.”

Coming out of the service, military leaders and intelligence analysts are highly trained, process oriented, and have a heightened sense of security awareness that most civilians don’t understand.  Therefore, here is a list of my top 10 reasons to hire a military expert for your cybersecurity needs:

Top 10 Reasons to hire Military Cybersecurity Expert:

  1. Military intelligence, secure communications and network cryptology is very transferable to the corporate cybersecurity world. While software applications are different, the principles are extremely similar.
  2. Although they may not have the exact skill required, they are trained to adapt to new roles very quickly.  Military personnel are accustomed to making frequent job changes and having to become competent in critical roles in a very short time.
  3. They are experienced in monitoring of critical systems such as NORAD, Cheyenne Mountain, Military data intelligence, Nuclear War Ships, etc.)
  4. Military personnel are disciplined to work in adverse conditions therefore, can work independently and are not typically complainers.
  5. They are used to mundane roles which can escalate quickly.
  6. The military is very procedure-oriented, requires extensive reporting and they are conditioned to follow rules-based procedures and actions.
  7. The military has a heightened sense of security awareness civilians don’t typically understand.
  8. With pensions in place, many times they are willing to work for less to gain corporate experience and there are tax credits for employers
  9. They are lower risk hires with a strong work ethic, security clearances & clean backgrounds.
  10. Hiring a veteran rewards veterans for their service and puts them in back into the civilian workforce.

Many of the top cybersecurity experts in the industry, began their careers in the military.  Maybe your next hire can have that same potential.  If you are interested in seeing if a veteran is right for your cybersecurity needs, contact Fortify Experts at (

To see a list of available military cybersecurity experts go to:

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