Powerful Tips on How You Can Land Your Next Dream Job..

Employment Opportunities

As an executive search firm owner for over 15 years, I’ve seen some very powerful job-hunting techniques that will really help accelerate your job-hunting process, but more importantly, help you land not just any job but your next dream job.  These techniques work in a hot or a slower job market.   I’ve written articles about each one of these techniques below and have also provided you real-time links for which companies are hiring RIGHT NOW!

I hope these help you in your job search.  If we can be of assistance, please reach out.  Below you will find many tips so if you know someone else who could also benefit from this, please share it with them.

Recovering From a Job Loss:

Finding Job Opportunities:

Attracting Hiring Managers:

Interview Prep: 

Job hunting is a full-time job itself and companies are hiring.  Within these articles, you will find ways to be more strategic and productive, than just applying on-line.  We hope you find this helpful.  Your diligence and technique will outperform your luck.  Good hunting.

About Tim Howard

Tim Howard is the founder of 4 technology firms including Fortify Experts which helps companies hire the Best Cyber Talent on the Planet as well as provides expert consulting and NIST based security assessments

In addition, he has a passion for helping CISO’s develop Higher Performing Teams through coaching, by creating interactive CISO Forums and by helping them create highly-effective team cultures.

He also teamed up with Lyndrel Downs to launch www.CybersecurityDIVAS.com to help promote the most influential women in cybersecurity and provide a mentoring program to help encourage and support more diversity within the cybersecurity industry.

Tim has been leading technology staffing teams for over 20 years and has degrees from Texas A&M University in Industrial Distribution and Marketing.  

Invite me to connect:  www.linkedin.com/in/timhoward