Is A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) right for you?

For organizations that either don’t need or can’t afford a full-time CISO, but still have any one of the following needs:

Need to assess and validate current security personnel and/or strategy.

Need to protect confidential, proprietary, private or financial data or IT assets and applications.

Lacking a well-defined security strategy and plan that will protect your enterprise for into the future.

Lacking confidence in your existing or future IT, Cyber Security, Cloud Security, or application security direction.

Misaligned security priorities or escalating security costs without meeting expectations.

Need to raise the level of employee, vendor, and Security operations productivity and efficiency.

Lacking Security expertise for C-Level Management.

When Investing in a full-time resource may not be the best strategy.

Fortify Experts can provide the above services at a fraction of what a full-time CSO/CISO costs. Plus, you’re getting even more value because you have access to our security team.  

Are you asking the right questions?

Is cyber security insurance your last line of defense? Do you know what it doesn’t cover?

Are you concerned you are compliant but not secure?

Do you know what criteria to use to decide which applications and assets should reside on the cloud and which should not?

Have you identified all of the risks, threats, gaps, etc. in your data, applications, infrastructure, endpoints, framework, etc.?

Have you identified all of the vulnerabilities in your existing computing platforms?

Are you prepared to represent your Cloud/Non-Cloud security strategy and approach to the Executive Board and Share Holders?

Do you know how to increase the level of business value of your organization via security?

Is your C-Level Executive getting enough ROI out of the organization’s existing security controls and remediation changes?

Are you ready for future changes to the threat landscape and security market?

Are you confident your security team has enough resources and depth of knowledge available to keep your company secure and competitive in a global economy?

If you answered, “No” or “I don’t know” to any one of the above questions, we should talk.

Want an opinion on how well prepared you are?  We offer a free consultation to help you understand your current situation vs. future targeted one. Contact us for a free confidential consultation.