Here is a checklist that reviews some of the points discussed in this guideline.  You can use it to prepare for an interview or as a starting point for creating your own interview, checklist.  By following these guidelines, you can improve your interviewing techniques, evaluate candidates more effectively, and make better hiring decisions. Before the interview:
  1. Decide on the specific skills and qualities required by the position.
  2. Define your company’s value system.
  3. Define the goals of the interview.
  4. Prepare an outline or a list of questions for the interview.
  5. Review the candidate’s resume and credentials.
 During the interview
  1. Don’t rely solely on first impressions.
  2. Be flexible, but use your outline to make sure you cover every point.
  3. Make the candidate feel comfortable; be friendly, but be professional.
  4. Verify the information on the resume.
  5. Communicate clearly and accurately. Keep questions and answers specific.
  6. Use open-ended questions to explore the candidate’s character traits and thought processes.
  7. Be consistent; ask candidates for the same position the same kinds of questions.
After the interview
  1. Make detailed notes as soon as the interview is over.
  2. Provide detailed feedback to your recruiter so they can prepare the next steps with the candidate or narrow their searching for additional candidates.
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