Our mission is to help create Higher Performing Teams

Fortify Experts has placed Cybersecurity Experts across the globe.  We work closely with clients to define critical success factors across 12 security domains, then helps them to refine a selection criteria plan.  Once a search is launched, our team of Executive Recruiters leaverage personal networks to uncover highly qualified passive candidates who meet that selection criteria.

From CISO’s, to security architects, Fortify Experts Cybersecurity Retained Search helps companies find the right security leadership to properly secure your digital assets.  Our Executive Search and Security Consulting Practice can help you staff up to assess, implement and operate your security program.

Fortify Experts’ also helps cybersecurity vendors build effective product development, sales and delivery teams.

Internal recruiters don’t headhunt, they wait to see who comes to them and those candidates most often are not the ones you want securing your enterprise.   Great security professionals must be hunted, pursued, qualified and then sold on why a position could be a good career move for them.

5 Reasons to engage Fortify Experts for your next security hire:

Faster : We accelerate and simplify the search.

Effective: We uncover security talent you would never find on LinkedIn or job boards.

Efficient: We don’t waste your time.

Qualified: We understand security and know how to properly qualify technical security professionals across many security domains.

Guaranteed Results: 100% fill rate on all retained searches and a 5 year guarantee on retained searches.

Fortify Experts is a National firm with a deep network of security experts ready to join your team permanently or on a contract basis.

Our Security expertise is primarily centered around these domains:

Security Leadership

  • CISO, CISO Advisors
  • Directors/Managers of Security

Network Security

  • End Point Security
  • Application Security (Access and Anomaly Detection)
  • Network & Communications Security
  • Firewall & SEIM Systems
  • Cloud Security

Security Operations

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Analytics (SIEM)
  • Incident Response / Remediations

Industrial Security

  • ICS / Process Controls
  • SCADA Security

Risk & Compliance

  • Security Policy Development
  • Regulation Compliance (PCI / FERC / NIST / HIPAA)
  • Developing Best Practices (ISO 27001,  FISMA)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT/Security Risk Management

Vendor / Manufacturer

  • Sales:  Leadership, AM/AE’s, & Sales Engineers
  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • Delivery Engineers

Each of our team members has more than 15 years of experience recruiting, evaluating and hiring cyber personnel.  Based in Houston & Dallas, TX, Fortify Experts works across the U.S. and the globe finding and placing Cybersecurity executives and specialists for our clients.  Fortify Experts, LLC  developed an exclusive SecureMatch analysis which helps to rank cybersecurity professionals to ensure our clients are matched up with the security experts they need.

Houston Office

1334 Brittmoore Rd, Ste. 1000B
Houston, TX 77043
O: (713) 893.3940